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Things To Do

HALL OF MIRRORS (Thursday January 16th - Saturday January 18th) The Mighty Fin’s 2018-19 Spectacular is at the Network Theatre. If you can resist a joyous musical about the Economic Consequences of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 then you won’t buy tickets and you won’t come and frankly I don’t want to know you. Book yourself in via this link.

TALL TALES (Tuesday January 29th, 2018) Tall Tales is fully and happily ensconced at the North London Tavern in Kilburn. We have Gareth Edwards, John Finnemore, Susannah Pearse, Marie Phillips, Mike Westcott and sometimes JAMES BOND and sometimes THE BEST GODDAM DEATH PUNK THRASH METAL BAND IN THE WHOLE OF NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA. Email talltalesnight at gmail to be on the list. It's £5, doors at 7.30, show at 8.00.