May’s Tall Tales will take place on Wednesday 28th featuring The Usual Suspects.

On the podcast front, Toby and I once had a chat. I barely remember what he looks like to be honest. Normal service, we decided, would be resumed from Some Point in the Future onwards. That’s what we thought then, but we were much younger. Still, maybe it will. “What is normal service?” I hear you cry. “Who are you, Schrodinger’s Cat?” is my response.

I hope you listened to Warhorses of Letters. There is a video here too. Ian Leslie’s Before They Were Famous has also been broadcast, but more of it is being produced all the time. Some of Toby’s stories are being filmed by Dave. For Dave. The tv channel Dave.

Tall Tales, you ask? Well, L&O is the offshoot of a comedy night called Tall Tales, and there’s a vestigial Tall Tales page on this site, which will get increasingly less vestigial one day, but then I’ve been saying that for ages…

The next Tall Tales will be at The Good Ship in Kilburn on May 28th.

Our normal venue is The Good Ship, Doors are 19.30, show is 20.00, tickets are £5. To reserve tickets, email talltalesnight at gmail dot com.

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‘January, January, My Kingdom for a January’ – a post-festive podcast

Toby Davies is needy and spooky. Gareth Edwards is a wise owl. Marie Phillips has to choose between celebrity suitors, in a sort of a way. Robert Hudson is also around and about.