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Tall Tales

Tall Tales is bi-monthly comedy night which has seen the first drafts of various Radio 4 shows (Warhorses of Letters, Before They Were FamousSome Hay in a Manger), some stories which went onto Dave's Crackanory and try-out material by the likes of Benet Brandreth and John Finnemore.


The Good Ship, beloved home our home, is no more. We have moved up the road to the North London Tavern and it has been a glorious rebirth. Our complex scheduling algorithm is: the last Thursday of every odd month.

Will there be a new mini-musical, based on Blue Planet? Possible. Will there be more from Finland's greatest Death Punk Thrash Metal hero? Probable. What else? Dunno, but probably we will feature Sara Barron, Stephen Brown, Gareth Edwards, John Finnemore, Matthew Parker, Susannah Pearse and Marie Phillips.

Will you be able to buy a full set of Mighty Fin DVDs. YES. STILL! Email us.

It's 7.30 for 8, it costs a fiver, and you make everything easier by getting on the list by emailing talltalesnight at gmail.