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The Mighty Fin

The Mighty Fin is a theatre company founded in 2001 by Kate Ferguson and Susannah Pearse. We put on a new musical most Christmases.

If you are here hoping for the long-dreamed-of Mighty Fin shop, then... Ho hum. Various of our shows are being hopefully developed with view to further performances, and there are good reasons not to make iffily recorded versions of their first drafts available online. The Mighty Fin multimedia shop might just be something you have to come to a Christmas Show or to Tall Tales to experience.

BUT if you yearn desperately for CDs or DVDs, then our technical team might well have been able to help you as you can see on our highly impressive 'shop' page. Please email us at and we can make arrangements.

2019’s show was Hall of Mirrors and ran from 16-18 January at the Network Theatre under Waterloo. It was an unwise attempt to wrest joy and uplift from the ruins of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. It was impeccably researched by important historians and there were talking animals and magnificent songs and a real queen and a fake princess and a real President and a fake blacksmith and a real economist and I’ve pretty much run out of things that we had to fake. Tickets are available by clicking this link if you have a time machine and use it to get back to before the show sold out.

In Jan 2020 we will be doing a thing of some ultra special kind. It might even be a double bill of short things.